Internet Security

To ensure internet safety we'd like to bring this information to your attention. The YMS administration has been informed, by concerned parents in our community, that our children are not using internet safety when chatting on websites. One site is Xanga. YMS students are posting their pictures, their first and last names, phone numbers, addresses and where they attend school. YMS wants to help in ensuring safety for our students. Please be aware of this concern and we will do our best to advise students here at school about internet safety.

Helpful Internet Sites

The FBI plays two very important roles in cyberspace. First, it is the lead law enforcement agency for investigating cyber attacks by foreign adversaries and terriosts. The potential damage to the United States' national security from a cyber-based attack includes devastating interruptions of critical communications, transportations, and other services. Additionally, such attacks could be used to access and steal protected information and plans. The FBI also works to prevent criminals, sexual predators, and others intent on malicious destruction from using the internet and on-line services to steal from, defraud, and otherwise victimize citizens, businessess, and communities. Click here to access the FBI site.

Parents' Guide to the Internet from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Education Research and Improvement and Office of Educational Technology. Check it out here.

Safe Teens is a place for parents and teens to learn how to use the Internet safely. No preaching, just good advice. Sound advice found 

Get Wise Network Click here.

Safe Kids More information here on Internet Safety.