7th Grade Enrollment Procedures

7th Enrollment Form (pdf)
7th Course descriptions (pdf)

All 7th graders are required to enroll in seven hours each semester.  Four are required courses in English, Math, Science and Geography.  Three courses are electives.  Select 2 alternate elective course in the event of a schedule conflict. Pre-AP or AP "recommendation required" courses must be requested by the student and pre-approved by the teacher before enrolling online. Students scoring unsatisfactory or limited knowledge on state tests will be placed in a remediation class for that subject during an elective hour.

4 Core Courses Required - English, Math, Geography, Science

English  (107)       or     Pre-AP English   (117)  (recommendation required)
Math     (217)       or      Pre-AP Algebra  (227)  (recommendation/CRT score)
Science (407)       or      Pre-AP Science  (417)  (recommendation required)
Geography (307)

Electives - Choose a year-long course OR 2 semester courses for EACH elective.

Year Elective 
                                                                Year Elective Pre-approved

P.E. (607) Lifetime Sports                                                    Gifted (2207)
Girls Speed, Strength and Conditioning (617GRL)             Boys Advanced Vocal (1528)
Boys  Speed, Strength and Conditioning (617)                   Band (517)
Vocal (727)

Semester Electives - Choose 2 semester courses for EACH elective.

Anatomy of Sports (977)                              Journalism I (1417)
Art (707)                                                       Keyboarding (704)  click for more info
Creative Reading in World Events(347)       Recreation Education (337)
Family & Consumer Science (787)              Horticulture Economics (847)        
French (257)                                                 Technology Engineering (717)
Spanish (737)                                                Speech/Drama (777)
Mixed Singers (797)                                     Theater Production (124)

Select 2 alternate electives for limited enrollment or schedule conflicts. Teacher request are unable to be accepted.
Acceptable proof of residency and a student's shot record is required to pick up the class schedule.