Residence Affidavit

Residency is defined as living in a home exclusively within the boundaries of the YPS district. Parent/legal guardian/students who cannot provide the necessary information to verify their address because they are residing with a Yukon Public School resident on a temporary or permanent basis shall be required to complete a Residence Affidavit form. Both the homeowner/ resident and the parent/legal guardian of the student(s) must be present to complete the Residence Affidavit form. Forms for all grades PreK - 12th are completed at the Yukon Schools Enrollment Center 1000 Yukon Ave.  Both the student and the custodial parent/legal guardian must physically reside full-time with the YPS resident. The living arrangements are to be of necessity, and not to avoid school attendance within the district where the student would otherwise be required to attend. Please contact your school for information on additional residency verification required after the initial enrollment.

The following documents must be presented by the YPS Resident:
 Two different current proofs of residence, i.e. gas, electric or water/sewer billing. If bills are paid online, a computer printout showing these transactions will be acceptable. UTILITY CUT-OFF NOTICES, TELEPHONE OR CABLEVISION BILLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 
 Also: a lease agreement, contract on the home, warranty deed statement, ad valorem tax statement or mortgage statement.  A letter from the landlord or management maybe required.

 A driver's license or other photo ID.