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Extreme Heat Guidelines for Schools

The district recommends not going outside (non- athletes) if the heat index is above 100 or the temperature with the wind chill is below 32 degrees.

Building Administrators will determine whether or not recess will be held outside.

Prior to sending students outside, an adult will need to check surface areas of all playground equipment for temperatures that can potentially burn skin on contact.

Plan outside activities for the morning hours; especially for elementary.

It is better to limit outdoor activity to 15 – 20 minutes.

Allow for minute water breaks before going outside and after coming in.

Kids need to stay hydrated; please allow for frequent water breaks throughout the day.

Encourage parents to use sunscreen on exposed skin before coming to school.

Children should wear loose clothing.  Avoid tight fitted clothing such as tight pants, multiple layers, etc.
For very young children watch them carefully and look for signs of dehydration. 

  • Excessive sweating followed by no sweating
  • Face and skin turning red and too hot.
  • Dizziness
  • Lethargic
  • Nausea

Middle School and High Schools need to contact the school nurse and dial 911 in case of emergency.
Elementary Schools need to contact 911 in case of emergency.  

Bus Riders and Walkers:

Hydrate before leaving home or school.

Find shade if possible while waiting or walking home.

Walk in pairs.

If possible apply sunscreen on exposed skin before school.

Extreme Heat Guidelines for Athletics

We will educate both parents and athletes to the importance of proper diet / nutrition during extreme heat.

  • Pre-school practices will not take place between the hours of 12:00pm and 6:00pm.
  • Practices will not exceed 2-hours in length.
  • 2-a-day practices must have at-least 1-hour between them for recovery.
  • All practices will have frequent water breaks.
  • We will have an “open” water policy for athletes during practice.
  • Urine will be monitored by players on charts provided.
  • Cooling stations will be set up when possible i.e. tent / ice towels etc.
  • Helmets will be removed when possible when not a safety hazard during non-contact drills.
  • Helmets and shoulder pads will be removed during conditioning drills.
  • Weigh-ins before and after practice will be conducted for football players when in full-pads.
  • Cross-country teams will stay on “campus” so all athletes can be seen by coaching staff.
  • Heat index will be monitored and calculated using the o.s.h.a. “free” app so coaches know the exact head index and can plan accordingly.
  • If heat index reaches 120 degrees all out door practices will be halted and moved in doors or cancelled.
Our Students

Summer Meal Program
Students 18 and younger may take advantage of the FREE summer breakfast and lunch program being held at Independence Elementary School.

Breakfast:  7:30 AM - 8:45 AM
Lunch:  11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Virtual School Site

Click Here for more information on YPS Virtual School.
Our Students

Yukon Public Schools delivers instructional programs and services that enhance the academic and personal potential of its students, resulting in successful graduates. Currently, we boast a student enrollment approaching 7,000 children. We are devoted to our mission to provide all students excellence in education.

Student-Centered Classrooms

Our curriculum and technology are integrated in student-centered classrooms where knowledge, skills, strategies and vocabulary are connected among all of the core disciplines. 

Rising to the Challenge
Participating in Yukon Schools empowers students to be able to adapt to new learning opportunities throughout their lives, collaborate with, and contribute to, the global community and to be creative and disciplined in their thinking.

Our student organizations and student activities are designed to develop leadership and citizenship skills, prepare our students for higher education and stress the concepts of teamwork and responsibility for the world of work.

Our teachers strive to meet the needs of every student every day, and we will persist in the quest for high standards, which remains a tremendous source of pride in the Yukon community.


Student/Parent Policy Guide

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Guia para Padres y Alumnos
(Spanish Translation)
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Yukon Enrollment Center

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Bullying & OSSI Tip Line & Form

OSSI Tip Line: (855) 337-8300 
OSSI Online Tip Form: http://mbcurl.me/PD84
YPS Bullying Tip Form:

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2015 - 2016
School Start Times
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Student Clubs

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