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The Yukon Public Schools Helping Hand Volunteer Program has been changing and growing with our school system and community for years! This school year, 2014-2015, marks the 45th year for Yukon Public Schools vibrant volunteer program. Helping Hand Volunteers, Miller Mentors, Watch D.O.G.S, community volunteers such as OG&E employees and area churches, have donated time and talents to help Yukon teachers & students. Before the school year began, volunteers offered a Helping Hand at the Central Enrollment Center & at YHS schedule pick-up.  Each school site needs YOU.  For more details regarding volunteer orientation & Volunteer & Mentor Get Involved meetings, volunteer requests, and Helping Hand events and news, please see:  www.facebook.com/pages/HelpingHandVolunteers.Yukon-PublicSchools

As volunteer partners in education, we provide services to enhance students' and teachers' lives and learning. We also provide parents and community members a positive, enriching volunteer experience. We record, track, and report your important donated volunteer hours to our administrators, school board, and the State Dept. of Education, as part of the funding formula for our school district. We appreciate every minute you give! We invite all parents and community members to be involved. Allow time to give back to your schools with best volunteer organization in the state! Please send volunteer applications to Christal Whitmire  Christal.whitmire@yukonps.com

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Christine Sorrels, Director

YPS Helping Hand Volunteer & Mentor Program

Energy Education Manager

Christal Whitmire, Administrative Assistant

Donna Klukas, Administrative Assistant

Yukon Schools Helping Hand Volunteers are needed in each of the seven Pre-K  through 3rd grade elementary schools, both 4th & 5th grade elementary schools, YMS 6th grade Academy,  YMS 7/8, and Yukon High School. Please allow time in your schedule to get involved.

Last year, Helping Hand Volunteers, Academic Tutors, Miller Mentors, WatchD.O.G.S. and Student Helping Hands donated over 60,574.75 volunteer hours assisting students and teachers. 
You can sign up to VOLUNTEER any time during the school year. In the table above, click Volunteer Description & Application and Background Check Forms to apply. All volunteers must fill out a profile application each year. Background checks are due every three years; no fee or fingerprints are required


  • Helping Hands are dedicated to the belief that all children in our community should reach their maximum educational potential. We understand children respond and benefit from individual and small group instruction, evaluation and guidance.

  • We acknowledge some of each teacher’s day is spent performing non-teaching duties. We also realize the need to free the teacher from these duties in order to allow planning and working toward a student’s individual learning.

  • We realize by providing Helping Hand Volunteers to the school, it will be possible for teachers to use more variety in structuring classroom activities, which may result in meaningful learning experiences not possible otherwise.

  • We acknowledge that by extending a “Helping Hand” to a teacher, many frustrations are resolved. Many otherwise impossible situations become feasible with extra interest and help.

  • We realize that when citizens become involved in the actual educational process of a school day, either as a Helping Hand Volunteer, Miller Mentor, Watch Dog Dad, or a field trip sponsor, it builds better understanding of our schools and programs. It stimulates widespread support for public education. 

"We make a living by what we do, but we make a life out of what we give.”  ~
Winston Churchill

Helping Hand Orientation Meetings
If you were not able to attend this years
We can orient and train you.

There is still time to sign up to be a Miller Mentor 

Mentor Appreciation Month:  January 2015

What is a Mentor?  
"An experienced &
trusted adviser." 

Add "generous" and "caring"
to that list, and you have a
YPS Miller Mentor!  

We are grateful for the caring & trustworthy
individuals in our
MM Program  

Thank a Mentor Today--
or, better yet, 


Join Helping Hands in celebrating
Yukon Students & Dentists with
2 great events:

Dental Health Day--Feb 4
Dentists will visit YPS 1st grade & SpEd classes on 
Dental Health Day to give instruction & screenings for good dental care,

Give Kids a Smile--Feb 3-7
Parents and interested parties,
call the HH office for 
FREE dental exams for
YPS students,
offered by our local dentists. 

Call Helping Hands at
for scheduling information.
SMILE Yukon :)
& say "Thanks"
to our Yukon dental pros! ​