Yukon Schools is PROUD that by working together , we have reached an energy cost avoidance of over $2,287,766 in our EIGTH year in our Energy Education and Conservation Program! We are currently at a 24.4% Cost Avoidance.

This is equivalent to the following Cumulative Greenhouse Gas Reduction:

  • Energy Reduction Impact: 118,989 MMBTU
  • 15,749 equiv. metric tons of CO2
  • Passenger cars not driven for one year: 3,281
  • Tree seedlings grown for 10 years – 403,824

Thank YOU for your continued dedication to conserve our resources and energy costs. Christine Sorrels, YPS Energy Education Manager.
Yukon Public Schools Energy Guidelines For Teachers

All staff members are “energy savers” as well as “energy consumers”.  We must all work together to implement the energy conservation guidelines. 

Classroom doors should remain closed as much as possible when HVAC is operating.
Vestibule doors should remain closed.
All exhaust fans should be turned off at the end of each day and during unoccupied hours.
All office machines (copiers, laminating equipment, etc.) should be switched off each nightand during unoccupied hours. Fax machines should remain on.
All computers, monitors, printers and speakers should be turned off each night.Network equipment is excluded.

Air Conditioning Equipment
Thermostats should be set no lower than 74 degrees.
During unoccupied times air conditioning equipment should be set back.

Heating Equipment
> Thermostats should be set no higher than 72 degrees.
> The unoccupied temperature setting shall be 55 degrees. We will adjust to 60 degrees during extreme weather.
> When there is no threat of freezing, heating equipment will be turned off eachnight.
> All unnecessary lighting in unoccupied areas will be turned off.
> Lights should be turned off in classrooms when leaving the classroom empty for more than five minutes.
> Gym lights should be turned off when not in use.

All lights should be turned off at the end of the day when students leave the building.Only necessary lighting in spaces being used should be on.

Please contact Christine Sorrels, Energy Educator Manager, 
with questions or  concerns: 

Employees, you can Track Your Own ENERGY Consumption at Home:

For Electric Usage Only: OG&E SmartHours