My Big Campus – Now for parents too!

A safe social-learning platform for your students.

Online assignments, file storage, calendar, messaging, resources and collaboration to make learning engaging, fun, and real. Learn more.

A 21st-Century communication tool for you.

  • Activity feed with schoolwork, announcements and events.
  • Messaging with your student, teachers, and school staff.
  • Full access to uploaded files and online docs.
  • Email notifications for messages.

Account Information

To reach the parent portal, go to

  • Log in with the email address you have on file in the PowerSchool Parent Portal, the same system you utilize to check attendance, grades, and lesson plans from your teachers. Your default password is also your full email address, the same as your username. So if you your email address on file is, your default email address is also
  • You will be able to see all of your students who use My Big Campus with this login.

Note: Only the student's custodial parent(s) or legal guardian as listed in the school's Student Information System (PowerSchool) can login to the My Big Campus Parent Portal.

Acceptable Use

The MBC Terms of Use describes the rules and responsibilities for using My Big Campus, including the MBC Parent Portal. This school district also asks you to agree to the following Terms of Use as outlined in Section E (EFBxx subsections) of our Board Policies:

Privacy Information

The MBC Privacy Policy describes the information collected by Lightspeed Systems (which owns My Big Campus), and how that information is used.

Is my student's information safe?

Only the custodial parent or legal guardian can access their child's information within the MBC Parent Portal. You cannot see information about other students than your own, and other parents cannot see information about your child.

The information in the Parent Portal should be considered confidential, and you should take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of your Parent Portal login and password.

Can anyone else see my student's information?

Your student, his or her teachers, school and district administrators, and My Big Campus staff can view content created by your student, even if the student has not posted that content publicly.

Group content can be seen by group administrators and members, and, depending on group configuration, may be viewable by non-group members.

Public content shared by your student can be viewed by other users at the school, and, depending on school and district configuration, may be viewable by My Big Campus users at other schools and/or districts.

Messages between parents and teachers, and between parents and students can be viewed by school and district administrators, and My Big Campus staff.

Request for Access

If you do not already have a Parent Portal account to our Student Information System, PowerSchool, please contact your child(s) respective school to request an access key. Once this account is setup, you will be able to access the My Big Campus - Parent Portal utilizing the email address you register with.

Where can I get technical help?

Click the Help link at the top of the Parent Portal dashboard for answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or contact your student's teacher.