FAST-PASS YPS Check-in System

School safety is of great concern to us.  We go the “extra mile” to ensure that each and every student and employee is safe while on our school campuses.  Yukon Public Schools offers the school visitor FAST-PASS system to assist with visits by our parents, vendors, and other visitors. We have installed this system at all of our school sites.  We believe that this check-in system is smart part of school safety plan for our schools.

FAST-PASS® is the Industry Leader in Electronic Visitor Management Systems that rapidly identifies, captures and logs visitors, volunteers, employees and vendors.  The tracking system also conducts quick background checks on contractors and volunteers; searches local law enforcement database; identifies people who are not allowed into the school; and processes legitimate visitors quickly.

A photo of the visitor along with their ID is taken and populates the database.  The system accepts several types of identification cards, including driver’s licenses.  The FAST-PASS system then can cross check email to a cell phone or PDA.  Once clearance is established, a photo badge is instantly printed designating expiration and final destination.  Return visitors are already in the system, so there is not waiting to register again.

The system is easy to use and completes the process in SECONDS without any hindrance to the flow of commerce.  It is easy to know who is in our buildings with the automated identity checks.  Plus, this systems helps us confirm authorized student pick-ups.  With this system, we have an electronic audit trail of all visitors’ activity that can be generated instantly.