District Web Site Contact Information

To contact the web page editor for a particular school site or department,
please refer to the contact list below.  Thank you.

Central ES
Sandy Schwarz
 Parkland ES   
 DeDe Hall  
 Lance Haggard
Surrey Hills ES           
Frankie Bottom

Myers ES
Darby Hillemeyer 
Shedeck ES
Stephanie Koelsch

Independence ES
Tammi Edwards

Ranchwood ES
 Michele Moore 
 Jeanne Pennington
Skyview ES
Shelly Mathews

Lakeview ES
Connie Baker
Scott Hein
Yukon Middle School          
 Valorie Branstool 
Yukon High School           
Marcy Mass

 District Department Webmasters  
 Liz Nave
Board Minutes/Agenda
Cindy Todt
Central Enrollment Center 
Amelia Cannon
Dawn Danker-Pearce
Curriculum and Assessment 
Teri Raschtschenia
Helping Hands
Christine Sorrels
Informational Technology
Jason McDaniel
Professional Development
Kathy Davis
Student Academic Services
Jeannie Verra
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