Student Athlete Physical Forms

OSSAA Parental/Physical Evaluation Consent Forms: 
    - Parent Consent Form
    - Doctor Evaluation Form

To be completed by athlete, parent/guardian and doctor.

OSSAA Parent Consent and Insurance Form:
To be completed by athlete and parent/guardian.

OSSAA New Student Form
To Be Completed by athlete and parent/guardian.

Yukon Public Schools Drug Forms
To be completed by athlete and parent/guardian.

Concussion Form
To be completed by athlete and parent/guardian

Alternate Student Travel
To be completed by parent/guardian

All forms must be completed in full for the athlete to be able to practice/compete. They are good for the current school year. If they are done in the spring through the Athletic Department, they will be good for the upcoming school year. Once completed, you can turn them into Liz Nave in the Yukon Athletic Office. If you have any questions, please call the Athletic Office at 354-0413.

Yukon Athletic Office
C/O Liz Nave
1777 S. Yukon Parkway
Yukon, OK  73099