Yukon's National Board Certified Teachers

Each year, we rally in the achievement of our teachers who strive for and accomplish the rigorous challenge of passing their National Board Certification tests and exercises.  Annually, we see the increase in the number of educators who are willing to accept this challenge. 

"National Board Certification is part of the growing education reform movement that is advancing student learning, improving teaching and making schools better. Teachers who achieve National Board Certification have met high standards through study, expert evaluation, self-assessment and peer review."  -  http://www.nbpts.org

Be watching for upates on future YPS National Board recipients!

YPS National Board Certified Teachers
 Trisha Adair
Resource Teacher - Skyview ES
 Rachel Anderson
English Teacher - Yukon Middle School
 Charles Bartrug
Band Instructor - Yukon High School 
 Barbara Belanger
 Literacy Coach - Lakeview ES
Elaine Blevins
Resource Teacher - Parkland ES  
Linda Bowling
French Teacher - Yukon High School
Marti Brown
6th Science Teacher - Yukon Middle School
Matt Cook
English Teacher - Yukon High School
Denise Douglas
Physical Education - Parkland ES 
Kristen Eck
Reading Teacher - Ranchwood ES
Kim Garner
Resource Teacher - Yukon High School
Jenah Hamilton
Media Specialist - Yukon Middle School
Evelyn Hawk
EL Teacher & EL Coordinator - Shedeck ES  
Carolyn Johnson
Resource Teacher - Parkland ES  
Judy Manjarrez
3rd GradeTeacher - Myers ES
Kandy Myers
Music Teacher - Ranchwood ES
Cathy Smith
1st Grade Teacher - Skyview ES
Kari Stomprud
Resource Teacher - Yukon High School
Christina Ward
Spanish Teacher - Yukon High School

National Board Certified Speech Pathologist 
Certificate of Clinical Competence

Lauren Holland

National Board School Psychologist

Stacey Paddock